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Thursday Aug 13 2020
Web Desk

Cardi B demands for male rappers to stand up for Breonna Taylor

Web Desk

With the BLM making headlines all across the United States many stars have come forward to voice their concerns for the future, a demographic that has remained relatively quiet during the matter is of male rappers.

While attempting to call them out on their bluff, Cardi B has demanded them to do their part and fight for justice.

During an interview with Elle, the rapper began by admitting, “[I saw] Breonna Taylor’s name everywhere, but I didn’t really know her story.”

However, following suite, she questioned the motive of the officers present that night by asking, “What they did to her is really [expletive] up … What’s the excuse?”

“Why is the cop not in jail? Wasn’t what he did a crime? It’s a crime! And no apology. No video of the cop coming out crying, ‘I [expletive]up.’... Nothing. I don’t even know how her mom still holds her head up.”

Further in the interview, she also called out the cruelty of the situation, noting that “a woman like Breonna Taylor, she was young. She looked like she was listening to your music. She looked like she was your fan. You should stick up for her.”

"Imagine how frustrated her mom was, crying, probably hysterical — the cops call her saying her daughter is in the hospital, and her daughter is not even there.

“Then the person who’s supposed to protect her is asking her mom, ‘Do you know anybody who [would] want to hurt Breonna Taylor?’ when you guys know who killed her.”