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Sunday Oct 25 2020
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Duchess Camilla's future hangs in balance if Charles becomes King of England

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Camilla Parker's family is 'fearful' over what will happen when Prince Charles becomes King

Duchess Camilla Parker's future as the Queen consort hangs in balance if Charles succeeds the throne as the ultimate monarch of the Great Britain. 

With Charles' ascension to the throne will come a host of problems for his wife Camilla Parker, who will have uncertainty looming over her title and role in the royal family.

According to royal biographer Penny Junor, Camilla’s family is “fearful” over what will happen when Charles becomes King.

As penned by Junor in her book The Duchess, “At least one member of her family doesn’t want her to become Queen for fear of a backlash.”

The family member told Ms Junor, “I think it would be better for her if she became Princess Consort.

“I do so want her to be alright and I do worry that she won’t be. How is she going to be judged? That’s the thing I feel fearful about," stated Camilla's close family member.

“Between Diana and the Queen is a hard place to be. People might go a bit wild. The Queen who’s been in our lives forever, the worship of Diana, and suddenly Queen Camilla.

“It’s going to be such a shake-up. I fear for them both," they added.

Clarence House had earlier stated that Camilla will be known as Princess Consort when Charles becomes the King.

Any royal titles, such as Queen Consort or Princess Consort, are conferred by the monarch.

This means that Camilla's fate as Queen rests in the hands of Charles who can decide whether his wife is to be given that title or not.

“I have little doubt that Charles is so proud of Camilla, and so grateful for everything she has done for him and sacrificed for him, that he will insist she gets the full title," Junor wrote in her book.