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Sunday Oct 25 2020
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Queen Elizabeth slammed for not living ‘up to standards of public life’

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For the very first time since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the monarch has been accused of no longer being an upstanding role model who would be capable of ‘living up to the standards’ of public and social life.

The accusations were discussed during Republic CEO Graham Smith’s interview with Express UK and during the conversation he was even quoted saying, "Fundamentally we are democrats, we have made that abundantly clear in the last few years.”

The reason Mr Smith is so keenly anticipating the fall of the monarchy is because "People see themselves as citizens, they want control of their politics and their futures, our constitution and head of state should reflect that.”

At the end of the day Mr Smith’s belief is simply that “It should not be trapped in some weird fantasy of what our past used to be.” Thus it is clear that “We would be better off without the monarchy for a number of reasons.”

Reason being, "Firstly, it gives us an opportunity to reform our constitution so that we have an effective independent state that can navigate these big constitutional issues. It can rebalance power between Parliament and people and it can put the principles of democracy at the core of our constitution.”

"At the moment we always compromise those principles by having to make room for this hereditary institution. The institution itself does not live up to the standards we would expect in public life."